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Our activities are on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 9:15pm weekly at Beatrice-Desloges High School.



1. Following the massive arrival of cadets on July 2, 2018, I'd like to provide some clarifications regarding void cheque and the direct deposit form (CDT-130) to be provided by cadets participating in 3 and 6 weeks courses at the Cadet Training Center(CTC).

2. All cadets of the 3 or 6 weeks courses must have in their possession, at their arrival, a void cheque and the direct deposit form (CDT130), even if:

a. the cadet has already been to a CTC;

b. the cadet has already come to the same CTC in previous years;

c. a squadron / corps member has already sent the form by email.

A cadet who does not have a void cheque will be asked to contact a parent to obtain one within the first few days of arrival. The cadet will have to complete the Direct Deposit Form (CDT130) again. The account in which the training allocation will be deposit must be the cadet's, not the parent's. In the event of an exception, the CDT130 must still be complete by the cadet with his or her own signature and not the parent's. It is important that the account be active.

3. Training allocation for 3 and 6 weeks courses will be deposited into the cadet's account at the end of the camp. The cadet can not choose to recover his/ her training allocation in cash. It is neither a choice nor an option. The cadet must have his / her void cheque and CDT130 completed correctly upon arrival.

-The Commanding Officer, on behalf of RCSU(E)

Staff-cadets going to the camp by their own means

The Movements Section is currently producing individual staff-cadets movement itineraries. All staff-cadets wishing to travel to the camp by their own means (with their own vehicle or with their parents) must notify us as soon as possible at:

Summer Camp Joining Instructions

Below you will find the joining instructions (information booklets) for all of the summer training centres. Please read carefully and complete any required forms before leaving!


Bagotville - Valcartier - St-Jean (Download)

Greenwood - Acadia - Argonaut (Download)

Greenwood - Acadia - Argonaut STAFF ONLY (Download)

Canadore (Download)

Connaught (Download)

What camp are you going to? Click Here.

Final Training Night & Summer Camp Information Session

This is a reminder that there will be a presentation for summer camps this Wednesday, June 13th, as well as promotions.
The summer camp info session is intended for parents. We will have a short presentation and a question & answer period. Some travel information will be distributed. The presentation starts at 7:30 PM.

Annual Ceremonial Review

0730 Arrival of Band
0815 Arrival of Drill Team
0900 Remainder of squadron arrives; Attendance taken.  (Wear civilian attire, bring your uniform)

Lunch is provided to cadets.

Summer Course Selections

Updated 12 June

Summer course selections have been finalized. You may see the selections at the link below.

Cadets will be provided a official offer of partitipation which will need to be signed by parents.

Should more cadets be selected for summer courses, they will be notified directly.

Congratulations to all!

The Commanding Officer

(Download here)

Regional Summer Course Dates

Regional summer course dates have been published. See the summer camps page under "Documents/Training"

This is not a list of selected cadets. Cadets will be notified if they are selected.