Summer Camp Briefing

A briefing for all cadets who are attending summer camps this year will be held on June 14, 2017 at 8:00pm.  This will be held in the Cafeteria at Beatrice Desloges.  

Cadets will receive their travel instructions and other information regarding their camps at the briefing.  Parents are encouraged to attend.

Any questions regarding summer camps can be directed to the Summer Training Contact:

Lt Matthew Lee


Cadet Training Centres Summer 2017 Information Booklet

Below are the Joining Instructions for Summer Training.  Please select the link based on the location you are attending.

Eastern Information Booklet include CTC Bagotville, CTC Valcartier, CTC Mont St Sacrement, and CFTC St Jean.

Atlantic Joining Instructions include CTC Greenwood, CTC Argonaut, and HMCS Acadia.

Eastern Information Booklet
Atlantic Joining Instructions

Level 4 Evaluations - May 24

All Level 4 cadets with outstanding evaluations must be prepared to complete them on Wednesday, May 24. This includes: 

  • PO403 - Leadership
  • PO408 - Drill
  • PO409 - Instructional Techniques
  • Aviation Test
  • PO490 - Survival

Material to prepare for these evaluations can be found below. Questions can be directed to 2Lt Hastings ( 

PO403 Evaluation Form
PO408 Evaluation Form & Instruction Sheet
PO409 Evaluation Form
Aviation Practice Test (FR)
Aviation Practice Test (EN)

Message from the Squadron Sponsoring Committee

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is looking for volunteers for the 2017-2018 training year. Examples of some of the roles we need to fill can be found below:

Kit Shop Management

  • Manage Kit Shop inventory
  • Determine schedule for Kit Shop availability
  • Set up and staff Kit Shop table
  • Accept payments and remit to treasurer
  • Identify new products for kit shop sales

Work with Squadron Staff to:

  • Order buses for squadron field trips
  • Place catering orders, as required for Field Training Exercises or other event (Mess Dinner, etc.)
  • Identify and book locations for Field Training Exercises and other events (Mess Dinner, etc)
  • Other bookings/reservations as required.
  • Event Management

Event Management
Work with Squadron Staff and other SSC members to:

  • Plan the Annual Mess Dinner
    • Identify Location/Venue
    • Select Caterer
    • Identify and Secure Guest Speaker
    • Identify and Secure Music/Band
    • Decoration
    • Manage Invitations and Sign Up

Fundraising Management

  • Tag Days
    • Identify and secure date(s)
    • Secure locations
    • Manage sign up and schedule
  • Cadet Lottery
    • Manage and track lottery book distribution
    • Collect funds and remit to treasurer
    • Track ticket stub returns
    • Remit ticket stubs and funds to Ontario Provincial League

If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please approach the Squadron Sponsoring Committee in the lobby at Béatrice Desloges on Wednesday night or contact David Bordeleau, 632 Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair via email at

Competition Results

Music Festival

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High School Co-Op Program (Updated Information)

The high school Co-op program has now been extended to include all units in the Ottawa area. This program allows cadets to receive high school credits for participating in the cadet program. If you are interested in participating, please read the attached FAQ. To sign up for the program, complete all four of the forms below and give them to 2Lt Johnston on a Wednesday training night.

Participants must be in Grade 9 for higher, and have earned at least one High School Credit. Cadets can earn one High School Co-op Credit from now to June 2017 with at least 90hrs of cadet particpation, and two credits for at least 180 hours of participation. These hours will be counted from 1 Nov.

In addition, there will be 6 pre-placement assignments (about 2-3 hours of time expected), they will be required to submit monthly journal entries (1-2 paragraphs) as well a monthly log sheet. The final project (static display) will be completed for the ACR. Teachers will be meeting 2-3 times with each student (preferably 3 times) This can be done on a parade night, or another time that is more convenient.

Registration Form
Cadet Information Form
Student Information Form
Medical Form

YMCA Corporate Member Benefit Pricing

In line with our mandate to promote physical fitness, 632 has organised a corporate member pricing package (attached) with participating YMCA organisations.

This includes the Orléans Rudy Family, 265 Centrum Blvd, Orleans, Ontario, Canada K1E 3X7 and others.

In order for 632 Squadron to activate the member benefit, we need to first gather a list of a minimum of 20 interested individuals from our cadets, their families, staff and Sponsoring Committee. If you are interested, please provide the following information to Lt Ryan Pascal (

  • First and Last Name of the Cadet
  • First and Last Name of the Parent/Guardian
  • Phone number where we can reach you
  • Email

Once we have a list of 20, we will provide this information to the YMCA, and we will provide each individual with a letter confirming membership with 632. You will then be able to register with the pricing package you decide as per the attached document.

632 SQN YMCA Corporate Member Benefit Pricing

Special - Did YOU know?

Check them all because:

Announcements contain information on major upcoming events, and often have attachments and more details;

Weekly Messages contain the information sent out through the email list on Thursdays. All cadets must be signed-up to the email chain and check their emails to keep informed of upcoming events, weekend activities, and any special changes for the upcoming Wednesday; and,

Calendar is updated two months ahead with all cadet activities, timings and locations.

These are all important efforts made by the staff to keep you informed, so all may maximize their experience in cadets by participating in as many activities as possible!