Curling Training Session for Level 4 and 5 Cadets

When: February 24th, 11:30am to 6:30pm

Where: Cumberland Curling Club, 935 Cameron Street, Cumberland.

Details: All level 4 and 5 cadets will participate in a mandatory training session on Saturday, February 24th at the Cumberland Curling Club. Cadets must bring their own lunch, as well as warm athletic clothing (a sweater or light jacket is required) and a clean pair of running or skate shoes. Dinner will be provided. Questions can be directed to OCdt Espenant at

Cadet Lottery Update

Thank you to all cadets and parents, who have picked up, sold and returned their booklets!

We have 40 booklets remaining that need to be picked up and sold. We also have several booklets still out that need to be returned. The booklets need to be returned to the Air Cadet League on March 22. Any unsold books still need to be paid for, which will come directly from the Squadron budget.

Please return sold booklets to the Squadron Sponsoring Committee in the lobby at Béatrice Desloges on Wednesday night.

First Aid Training SUNDAY FEB 18

Location: Ray Friel Recreation Centre (Rendez-Vous Room - Hall D), 1585 Tenth Line Rd
Start: 8:00 am
End: 4:00 pm
Dress: Appropriate and comfortable civilian attire. Cadets will be practicing CPR, therefore clothing must be adequate for this purpose (e.g. avoid low-rise jeans, v-necks, etc.)
Details: meals and transportation are not provided. Cadets must bring a lunch and snacks as well as a water bottle. Cadets should bring a notepad and writing utensil.

The following cadets have been selected ot participate:

FSgt. Addo
Cpl. Buffet
Sgt. Chan
FCpl. Chan
Cpl. Cuerrier
Cdt. Dillon
WO2 Dion
Cpl. Djeumeni Ngomsi
Cdt. Hay
Cpl. Janus
Cpl. Johnson
FCpl. Kortekaas
Cpl. Laporte
FCpl. Nelson
FCpl. Rofail
Cpl. Sylvestre
Cpl. Tamtam

Financial Literacy Workshop for Senior Cadets (lvl 5)

Designed for level 5 Senior Cadets starting to make their own financial decisions or interested in becoming more in charge of their finances.

Space is Limited. Sign Up Here:

Cost? Free


Mar. 10th (9am to 5pm)
9:00-11:00 4 Buying and saving: making room for both
11:00-12:30 10 Cellphones: making the right choices
12:30-13:30 lunch on site (I will stay on site and so can the cadets)
13:30-15:30 2 Credit: It's worth a look
15:30-17:00 3 Taking charge of my buying choices and influence,

Mar. 24th (9am to 5pm)
9:00-11:00 6 Food: money-saving tips and tricks(some parents might want to sit in for this one)
11:00-12:00 1 Budgeting: numbers that speak for themselves
12:00-13:00 lunch on site (I will stay on site and so can the cadets)
13:00-14:00 1 Budgeting: numbers that speak for themselves
14:00-16:00 8 Finding a place to live: key considerations.
16:00-17:00 9 Consumer protection: know your rights

Location: Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Classroom located near front entrances.

Presenter: Mario Belisle, EBO Financial Education Centre

What to bring?
Bring your phone with calculator app or a calculator. Pen and paper will be provided.
Have more questions?

You can contact the organizer, Linda Rombough, at
At the end of the program, you will be able to look at your financial options and make
your own informed, responsible, and advantageous consumer decisions.

Hope you can join us!

Winter Survival Exercise


Squadrons 75, 500, 632, 706, 832 and 872 of the Ottawa Valley will participate in a winter survival exercise from February 9 to 11, 2018 at Tucker Lake in Low, Quebec. This activity will be offered only to cadet’s level 3 and up.

Cadets must arrive at École Secondaire Catholique Béatrice-Desloges, 1999 Avenue de Provence, Orléans, ON on Friday Feb 9th at 6:30 PM. The bus will depart at 7:00 PM.

The bus will return on Sunday Feb 11th at 3:30 PM. Please check the website the day of for any updates.

Cadets are to ensure all items on the kit list are packed.

Below is a list of all cadets selected to go to the winter FTX. Please note that selections were based primarily on seniority (those cadets who are in level 1 or 2, or are in their first years are not eligible to attend). This list will be strictly adhered to, no other cadets will be allowed on the bus. If you are no longer able to attend please contact

  • Abdulkadir Ilais FCpl
  • Abdulkadir Willsan FCpl
  • Antoine Adrien Sgt
  • Badar Yonis Sgt
  • Benkadi Nassim FCpl
  • Berube Thomas Graeme Sgt
  • Cavé Al Bradley FCpl
  • Chaloux Frederick Cpl
  • de Leon Jack FCpl
  • Delcy Nakisha / Marg-Nalarrahnakishad FCpl
  • Delcy Shakira / Marg-Natarrah Shakira D. FCpl
  • Dion Mathieu WO2
  • Faruquee Rayyan FCpl
  • Gordon-Guimont Laura WO2
  • Gray Isabelle Eveleen FCpl
  • Kahlon Shubaig Singh FCpl
  • Laporte Emma Jacqueline Rose Cpl
  • Moke Madison FCpl
  • Niyongabo Jean-Roy FCpl
  • Ntema-Kiyayila Benit-Christophe FCpl
  • Ouattara Madoussou FCpl
  • Ouattara Tidiane Junior Sgt
  • Rego Blaise Anthony Cpl
  • Rofail Maxim FCpl
  • Srikumar Jason FSgt
  • Thibodeau Marc Sgt
  • Veerapen Kavanam FCpl
  • Yeshitla Galasa FSgt

Kit List

Regional Summer Camp Applications

Applications for Regional Summer Camps are live! Please visit the Summer Camp page under Documents/Training to submit an application and for more information. The deadline to submit an application is March 1st.

Level 4 Retests: Aviation & Instruction

Level 4 cadets who have not yet completed their Aviation Test (covering POs 431, 432, 436 and 437) will do so on Wednesday, March 7. In preparation, cadets are encouraged to study using the attached practice test, which includes a link to the reading material that will be covered as part of the evaluation. Questions should be directed to OCdt Espenant (

In addition, Level 4 cadets who still need to complete their PO309 Instruction evaluation will also do so on Wednesday, March 7. Cadets are to prepare a 15-minute lesson of their choice using the Instructional Guides found here. The evaluation form can be found below. More information has been given to these cadets by CI Krolak.

Level 4 Aviation Practice Test
PO309 Evaluation Instructions

Effective Speaking


November 11: 12:30-2PM (please choose a topic before coming to the first workshop)
November 25: 12:30-2PM
December 9: 12:30-2PM

Competition will be late January

Here are the topics for 2018:

The importance of today's youth in building Canada's future.
How does volunteerism play a role in the life of your community or squadron?
Humour is the best medicine.
How space exploration can lead to scientific advances on Earth.
The role Indigenous people have played in Canada's heritage.
How has Canada changed the face of aviation?
Lest We Forget.
Cadet's Choice: The Cadet's Choice must fit into one of these categories: Cadet Life, Science and Technology, Aviation, Canadian History or Citizenship.

Uniforms Available for Pickup

The following cadets have uniform items to pick up from the Supply Office this Wednesday night:

  • Germain, Elizabeth
  • Harvie, Andrew
  • Nadon, Selena
  • Rego, Cross
  • Ward, Jacob

Uniform Service

Kit Shop

Last Chance before the Holidays!

This Wednesday, December 14 will be the last chance to purchase 632 Phoenix Kit Shop merchandise before the holidays. The Kit Shop offers many 632 branded items, perfect as gifts or stocking stuffers!

We have several items on sale and on December 14th only, with every purchase of $30 or more, you will receive a free 632 "Dog Tag"!

Click here to see our catalog.

YMCA Corporate Member Benefit Pricing

In line with our mandate to promote physical fitness, 632 has organised a corporate member pricing package (attached) with participating YMCA organisations.

This includes the Orléans Rudy Family, 265 Centrum Blvd, Orleans, Ontario, Canada K1E 3X7 and others.

In order for 632 Squadron to activate the member benefit, we need to first gather a list of a minimum of 20 interested individuals from our cadets, their families, staff and Sponsoring Committee. If you are interested, please provide the following information to Lt Ryan Pascal (

  • First and Last Name of the Cadet
  • First and Last Name of the Parent/Guardian
  • Phone number where we can reach you
  • Email

Once we have a list of 20, we will provide this information to the YMCA, and we will provide each individual with a letter confirming membership with 632. You will then be able to register with the pricing package you decide as per the attached document.

632 SQN YMCA Corporate Member Benefit Pricing