Important Message from Administration

The following cadets are not permitted to participate in cadet activities until they resolve outstanding administrative issues. These cadets must contact the Administration Officer, Lt Johnston ( to resolve these issues.

Amisi, T
Anspach, M
Aupont, J
Binette, M
Bretanys Desca, Jefferson
Bretanys Desca, Jeffery
Burgess, D
Christian, S
Cote, J
Dansou, C
Delcy, S
Diouf, S
Fleury, L
Germain, E
Gorley, A
Hammond, A
Henderson, N
Hinterberger, W
Johnson, K
Kennedy, A
Lacasse, J
Laouadi, R
Lemay, S
Maluma, K
Marshall, N
Millien, L
Nadro, M
Naoufal, G
Rainville, B
Rego, B
Renwick, J
Robleh, H
Sakho, S
Savalescu, V
Smyth, K
Tsane Nguetsa, E
Tshibangu, V
Yameogo, A
Yohannes, C

Effective Speaking


November 11: 12:30-2PM (please choose a topic before coming to the first workshop)
November 25: 12:30-2PM
December 9: 12:30-2PM

Competition will be late January

Here are the topics for 2018:

The importance of today's youth in building Canada's future.
How does volunteerism play a role in the life of your community or squadron?
Humour is the best medicine.
How space exploration can lead to scientific advances on Earth.
The role Indigenous people have played in Canada's heritage.
How has Canada changed the face of aviation?
Lest We Forget.
Cadet's Choice: The Cadet's Choice must fit into one of these categories: Cadet Life, Science and Technology, Aviation, Canadian History or Citizenship.

Uniforms Available for Pickup

The following cadets have uniform items to pick up from the Supply Office this Wednesday night:

  • Germain, Elizabeth
  • Harvie, Andrew
  • Nadon, Selena
  • Rego, Cross
  • Ward, Jacob


Deadline to sign up for cadets and purchase tickets for parents and guests is Wednesday Dec 6, 2017.

Location: Club Powers. 954 Giroux St, Rockland, ON. K4K 1L5

Reception at 17:00, Dinner at 18:00, with an expected completion at 21:30.

Free of charge for cadets. Parents and guests, $40.

Mess dinners are common to all military services. These are formal occasions filled with customs and tradition when the formal uniform (mess kit) is worn. During a multi-course dinner, toasts are proposed, music played and speeches — preferably brief — are given. 632 Phoenix continues a long tradition of holding an Annual Mess Dinner as part of our program in order to foster comradery and learn about the traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Sign up and ticket sales begin Wednesday November 15.

Uniform Service

New Cadets - Registration

The 632 staff and Sponsoring Committee are pleased to welcome all new cadets and parents on October 4th, 2017.

New cadet registration is at 7:00 pm on October 4th, at our Wednesday location, Béatrice-Desloges High School. Please use the front entrance of the school, staff and Sponsoring Committee will be there to welcome and direct you.

For additional information on joining, please visit our Joining page.

Kit Shop

Last Chance before the Holidays!

This Wednesday, December 14 will be the last chance to purchase 632 Phoenix Kit Shop merchandise before the holidays. The Kit Shop offers many 632 branded items, perfect as gifts or stocking stuffers!

We have several items on sale and on December 14th only, with every purchase of $30 or more, you will receive a free 632 "Dog Tag"!

Click here to see our catalog.

YMCA Corporate Member Benefit Pricing

In line with our mandate to promote physical fitness, 632 has organised a corporate member pricing package (attached) with participating YMCA organisations.

This includes the Orléans Rudy Family, 265 Centrum Blvd, Orleans, Ontario, Canada K1E 3X7 and others.

In order for 632 Squadron to activate the member benefit, we need to first gather a list of a minimum of 20 interested individuals from our cadets, their families, staff and Sponsoring Committee. If you are interested, please provide the following information to Lt Ryan Pascal (

  • First and Last Name of the Cadet
  • First and Last Name of the Parent/Guardian
  • Phone number where we can reach you
  • Email

Once we have a list of 20, we will provide this information to the YMCA, and we will provide each individual with a letter confirming membership with 632. You will then be able to register with the pricing package you decide as per the attached document.

632 SQN YMCA Corporate Member Benefit Pricing