Our activities are on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 9:15pm weekly at Beatrice-Desloges High School.


Important Message from Administration

The following cadets are not permitted to participate in cadet activities after 30 November 2017 until they resolve outstanding administrative issues. These cadets must contact the Administration Officer, Lt Johnston (admin@632aircadets.com) to resolve these issues.

Abdulkadir, I
Abdulkadir, W
Amisi, T
Anspach, M
Antoine, A
Aupont, J
Badar, Y
Binette, M
Bretanys Desca, Jefferson
Bretanys Desca, Jeffery
Burgess, D
Chan, J
Christian, S
Cook, K
Cote, J
Dansou, C
Delcy, N
Delcy, S
Diouf, S
Fleury, L
Germain, E
Gorley, A
Hammond, A
Harvie, A
Henderson, N
Hinterberger, W
Johnson, K
Kennedy, A
Kouyate, A
Lacasse, J
Laouadi, R
Lemay, S
Lisis, N
Lloyd, G
Louke Ogoula, G
Maluma, K
Marshall, N
Michaud, D
Millien, L
Moreau, T
Nadon, S
Nadro, M
Naoufal, G
Ntema-Kiyayila, B
O'Neill, L
Outtara, T
Pentland, J
Rainville, B
Rego, B
Renwick, J
Robleh, H
Sakho, S
Savalescu, V
Smyth, K
Tsane Nguetsa, E
Tshibangu, V
Yameogo, A
Yeshitla, G
Yohannes, C

Uniforms Available for Pickup

The following cadets have uniform items to pick up from the Supply Office this Wednesday night:

  • Germain, Elizabeth
  • Harvie, Andrew
  • Nadon, Selena
  • Rego, Cross
  • Ward, Jacob


Sign Up Now!

Taking place on Saturday November 25th and Sunday November 26th, we need the help from all cadets and parents. Along with our Lotto-Cadet fundraiser, Tag Day proceeds fund our operations and special activities, including the cadets' cost for activities, such as Mess Dinner. This can also count toward school volunteer hours!

Sign Up will be available starting on Wednesday November 8th at the Sponsoring Committee Table.


Reception at 17:00, Dinner at 18:00, with an expected completion at 21:30.

Free of charge for cadets. Parents and guests, $40.

Mess dinners are common to all military services. These are formal occasions filled with customs and tradition when the formal uniform (mess kit) is worn. During a multi-course dinner, toasts are proposed, music played and speeches — preferably brief — are given. 632 Phoenix continues a long tradition of holding an Annual Mess Dinner as part of our program in order to foster comradery and learn about the traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Sign up and ticket sales begin Wednesday November 15.