"Nulli Secundus"

632 Phoenix Squadron is proudly based out of Orleans, Ontario. Since it was founded on January 1st, 1991, the squadron has become one of the largest youth organisation in the east end of Ottawa. Aside from participating in fundraising activities, the program is at no cost to the cadet. This is one of the many reasons cadets has been acclaimed the "best kept secret". Cadets that have transitioned through the program successfully have found themselves fully prepared for the challenges that bring adulthood. This includes the right attitude, reputation, experience such as leadership and public speaking, and network that has helped them to achieve their education, career and other life goals. Up for the challenge?

Want to join Air Cadets?

Recruiting is closed until after the summer. On Wednesday, August 29th 2018, we will conduct our first intake of cadets.

 632 Phoenix Squadron

  • Regular Training Night: Wednesday 6:00pm to 9:30pm
  • Training Location: École Secondaire Catholique Béatrice-Desloges, 1999 Avenue de Provence, Orléans, ON K4A 0P1.
  • Telephone: 613-304-3739

For more information on joining 632 Phoenix Squadron, please visit the membership requirements page.

 What do Air Cadets do?

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Squadron History

The Rewards

Information for new cadets and their parents

The Program

Cadets is a program for young Canadians ages 12 to 18 who are interested in participating in a variety of challenging and rewarding activities, and learn more about the Canadian Forces.

Air Cadets learn about the traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and participate in aerospace-related activities. Air Cadets have the opportunity to earn their civilian pilot licenses through the Air Cadet program.

Gliding is one of the more popular aspects of the Air Cadets and it provides a solid base for learning how to pilot more complicated aircraft.

Many Air Cadets go on to enjoy civilian aviation-related careers, while others choose to pursue flying as an enjoyable life-long hobby.

While aviation is one of the main aspects specific to the air element, the program also offers training towards a variety of fields including survival, athleticism, music, marksmanship, and much more. Air cadets also focuses on developing leadership, through confidence building activities and practical experience. These young leaders gain responsibilities and a trusted position within the hierarchy of the squadron.

Most of the fundamentals of of the program are taught during regular weekly meetings, with emphasis given during extra activities. These may include "Weekend Activities" such as drill team practice, to a Remembrance Day ceremony, or even meeting accomplished former air cadets or figures such as the Governor General. There are so many unique ways that Air Cadets learn about their country, about leadership, about aerospace and about themselves, that the program is limitless in the opportunities it provides.

The most popular and reinforcing opportunity available in Air Cadets is going to summer camp. Air Cadet summer camps are not just your regular day camp. Ranging from 2 weeks to 7 weeks long, cadets may participate in a wide variety of camps at different levels and in a subject that interest them. Among the courses available are the Basic Course, meant for newer cadets; the Introductions to Leadership, Survival, Physical and Recreational Training, Instruction, Aviation, and Aerospace; the more advanced camps such as the Drill and Ceremonial course, the Survival Instructor course, the Athletic Instructor course, the Glider Pilot and Power Pilot scholarships, and the International Air Cadet Exchange. At camp, Air Cadets learn and live in a Summer Training Centre, where they meet tons of new friends, experience the "best times of their lives" and gain experience that will never be lost.

Weekly Schedule

Preliminaries 18h00 to 18h45
Period 1 18h50 to 19h20
Period 2 19h25 to 19h55
Break 19h55 to 20h10
Period 3 20h15 to 20h45
Closing 20h45 to 21h15
Dismissal 21h15
Departure 21h30

CO's Parades begin at 20h15 on scheduled nights. Guests should be seated for the parade by 20h00.