To be eligible for membership as a Cadet one must:

  • be a legal resident of Canada;
  • NOTE: A legal resident of Canada is a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant, or, the dependant of a person who is lawfully resident in Canada on a temporary basis for the purpose of education or employment.
  • provide proof of provincial health insurance coverage or equivalent;
  • be at least 12 years of age;
  • not have attained 19 years of age;
  • normally be in good physical condition;
  • not belong to another corps or squadron; and
  • be acceptable to the Commanding Officer (CO) of the cadet corps or squadron.

The CO of the cadet corps or squadron shall review and approve all membership applications; however, he/she shall consult with the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) when there is uncertainty as to whether an application meets the basic membership standards or an application requires special consideration such as:

  • application from a youth who is not yet a legal resident of Canada; and
  • application from a youth who has a medical, physical or mental condition which cannot cannot be accommodated due to lack of adequate staff¬†or facilities.

Cadets with physical or medical limitations may join Air Cadets, but may be excluded from certain activities, including Summer Training. The safety and well being of the cadet is the major consideration and determining factor.

Parents should be aware that if a cadet is not capable of attending weekend training exercises and/or summer training, the cadet may not be eligible for promotion, summer camps or scholarship courses. This does not mean that a cadet cannot have a rewarding career, in spite of these limitations.

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