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(2016) “Victory rests on their shoulders” - Battle of Britain
(2016) 25th Anniversary Certificate from Bob Monette
(2016) 25th Anniversary Certificate from Premier Kathleen Wynne
(2016) 25th Anniversary Certificate from MP Andrew Leslie
(2016) 25th Anniversary Certificate from MPP Marie-France Lalonde
(2016) 632 Mentioned in the Ontario Legislative Assembly
(2015) Local receives Cadet of Excellence award
(2015) Heart of Gold Awarded to 632 Staff
(2015) Orleans Volunteers (WO2 Constand) Recognized During Heart of Gold Ceremony
(2014) MP Awards Orléans Hearts of Gold Awards
(2014) Orleans Star - Lawton Wins National Biathlon Gold
(2013) Orleans EMC - 632 Squadron Recognizes Top Cadets
(2012) Jubilee Is In The Air
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(2011) Band gets grant to tune of $15,000
(2011) Orleans Air Cadets Receive $15,000
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(2010) Local cadets exceeds goal for Haiti relief
(2009) Local Cadets meet CDS
(2006) Cadets of 632 Phoenix-Telesat Wing send their thanks
(2004) Orleans Online Outstanding Youth
(2004) Effective Speaking (WO2 Anthony Lainesse)

Thousands of Grade 9 students in Canada took part in Take Our Kids to Work Day on Nov. 7, but it's likely that Isaac Lockert had the most memorable of all of them.

The 14-year-old's day didn't include a trip to an office building or a factory. Isaac instead started out at Rideau Hall, swung by the Ottawa police headquarters to meet the police chief and wrapped things up with an introduction to Parliamentarians.

From the chief's office, Isaac and his father Jeff were whisked off to meet members of the Ottawa police tactical team, where Isaac was loaded up with bulletproof gear and a helmet. Isaac is a member of the 632 Phoenix air cadets squadron in Orleans, but his time spent firing a .22-calibre air rifle didn't prepare him for hoisting a heavy rifle - unloaded - that the officers use on their calls.

Orleans Teen Enjoys Dream Day Contest Winner Meets GG & Police Chief