Position Name
Commanding Officer Captain, RCAF Scott Southern
Training Officer & UCCMA Captain, RCAF Alexandre Schmid
Administration Officer Captain, RCAF Fran├žois Vigneault
Operations Officer Lieutenant, RCAF Ryan Pascal
Communications Officer Lieutenant, RCAF Tanya Brook's
Deputy Operations Officer Lieutenant, RCAF Jason Deblois
Supply Officer Lieutenant, RCAF Matthew Lee
Training Support - Senior Levels (4 & 5) Lieutenant, RCAF Kevin Hastings
Training Support - Junior Levels (1 to 3) Second Lieutenant, RCAF Thomas Johnston
Training Coordinator - Senior Levels (4 & 5) Officer-Cadet, RCAF Nicole Espenant
Training Coordinator - Junior Levels (1 to 3) Officer-Cadet, RCAF Laura Penney
Training Support - Senior Levels (4 & 5) & UCCMA Civilian Instructor Don Gardiner
Training Support - Junior Levels (1 to 3) Civilian Instructor Alain Bourgeois
Instruction Quality Control Officer Civilian Instructor Alicia Krolak
Musical Staff Civilian Instructor Michael Scott